Independent Support

Jonathan Bentley is the Independent Support Coordinator for SENDIASS and works along side Calderdale Parent and Carers, as an Independent Supporter. In this role he can support young people and parents through the introduction of the new assessment process and the development of Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans.


For a step by step guide on EHC plans click here to view in PDF format.


For a fact sheet on independent support please visit the council for disabled children, click here to view in PDF format.

Who Can Benefit From This Support?

    • New entrants to the system

    • Children with a statement converting to an EHC plan

    • Young people with an LDA converting to an EHC plan

    • Are you 25 years old and under?

      Please feel free to get in touch, safe in the knowledge that we are an impartial service and all discussions are confidential and unbiased and that we are on your side.


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